Information from 2019: Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Wednesday, May 1st is Community Read Day at Essex Elementary School. Each family will receive a copy of this year's title, The Big Orange Splot. The Big Orange Splot is the story of how our uniqueness makes us special and enhances the strength of our community. To celebrate the book and its message students will…

1) Dress to Express: Students are encouraged to show their individuality, hopes and dreams by wearing fun clothing, hats and accoutrements. It's all about showing your inner self on the outside.

2) This is My House: Students will design and write about a house that reflects their hopes, dreams and creativity by participating in art and writing connected activities. 

3) The Big Orange Splot: Students will read and discuss the important message conveyed in our community read and make connections to their personal experiences.

4) Splot, Splot, Everywhere a Splot: Students will decorate themselves with orange dots (splots) that contain words to describe their unique qualities, hopes and dreams. In addition, students will write messages on orange splot displays throughout our school.


Thank you to The Hooper Fund for making this event possible!